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 RIP Application!

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Age : 23
Location : RIP Forums!
Race : Elf
Subclass : Thief
Registration date : 2010-04-18

PostSubject: RIP Application!   Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:18 am

1.DT name: Sanctum_Lightning

2.DT account link:

3.How long have you been playing DT: 2-3 Years

4.Past alliance experiences: I have been in big major alliances. SC, IC, TLA and last of all RIP_Gold! How? Look below!

5.Why do you want to join us
*Cause i know how awesome this alliance is i use to play darkthrone but quit about a year ago or so but now coming back to DT ^-^ i think my old account was ALIVE4EVER something like that.
*To be apart of the community!
*Have Fun!

Started Playing Again Like 5 Days Ago. Though i'm still pro XD.

Very Happy Razz

W8 has DT become so unpopular that massive amount of people quit now?
RIP isn't active anymore?

Cause like the last time moderators we're on this says it was last year october O.o!!! WAT HAPPENED IM SO CONFUSED Crying or Very sad
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RIP Application!
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